Wakey, wakey, rise and shine! 

Wake up … to your own magnificence!
Wise up … to how you can improve your life!
Rise up … to your full potential!

Are you ready to experience a better quality of life with improved health, balanced hormones, increased energy levels, less anxiety, better sleep, more clarity of mind and direction, renewed purpose and a way to shake off the shackles of grief, heartbreak and depression? Then a complementary therapy/counselling/guidance session with me at the peaceful countryside haven Regeneration Room in Lisbellaw, Co. Fermanagh is your next step. 

Why choose me as your therapist? In addition to my therapy training, I am deeply intuitive. Many people have told me over the years that I am a great listener and that I should be a counsellor (I have been a counsellor in an unofficial capacity since childhood, first for my mum, and in recent years I trained as a Shamanic Counsellor). I listen, I empathise, I understand, I see the bigger picture, I care, I share my knowledge and intuitive insights. I give you time and attention. I look after you holistically.

If the study of Anatomy and Physiology was compulsory at school, everybody would understand that everything the human body does to support them is amazing. Your skin regenerates itself. Your liver regenerates itself. Sometimes it just needs a bit of assistance or a kick start. That’s where my complementary therapies such as reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage and massage come into their own. They support you physically while the knowledge and guidance I share with you support and nurture you emotionally. The human body is a complex energy system and my energy therapies such as Reiki and IET help to release negativity and blockages from your emotional body, giving you more energy, vitality and optimism. Since I am an intuitive empath with a deep understanding of the body-mind connection, I instinctively know where to focus the healing.

Here is my skill set with which I’d be delighted to help you regenerate your body, mind and soul at Regeneration Room (distance healing and guidance sessions also available):

  • Reflexology (Level 5 Diploma with Distinction – the highest qualification) – suitable for all ages from babies to the elderly.
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy, including Aromatherapy Massage and the mixing and blending of essential oils.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage – for boosting immunity (helps speed up recovery from post-viral fatigue, including Post COVID Syndrome), detoxification, eases menopause symptoms, regenerates skin and much more.
  • Integrated Energy Therapy® (master-instructor level) – you receive all the healing techniques of the basic, intermediate, advanced and master levels in one power-packed but gentle and relaxing session. Often, your angels and guides convey messages to me to give to you during these amazing sessions. I also teach one-day certified courses in IET to those who feel a call “to heal the world one heart at a time” using this beautiful modality.
  • Reiki practitioner.
  • Shamanic practitioner – trained by Martin Duffy at the Irish Centre for Celtic Shamanic Studies.
  • Shamanic counsellor – trained by Martin Duffy at the Irish Centre for Celtic Shamanic Studies.
  • Soul Plan practitioner & spiritual counsellor – endorsed by the Complementary Medical Association.
  • Women’s wellness circles facilitator.
  • Angel card reader – as a bridge between the earthly and angelic realms, I provide intuitive guidance/insights towards your self-empowerment and self-healing, helping to guide you towards a life filled with more love, optimism, clarity of mind, better health and greater purpose. 
  • Cacao ceremony facilitator.
  • Guided meditations/mindfulness sessions for individuals and groups (listen to a meditation sample by downloading my meditations for free).
  • Qualified in the Control of Cross-infection.
  • Qualified in Cancer Awareness for Beauticians and Therapists.
  • BA Hons Degree in English & Public Media and over 20 years’ experience working in the publishing industry as a page layout sub-editor, writer, editor, proofreader and self-published award-winning author. Available on a freelance basis to help you with your publishing needs including editing and proofreading a book you wish to publish (www.estherrobinson.co.uk).

It’s just as important to tend to your health in summer as it is in winter. I have noticed that clients who take a break from holistic treatments during the nine weeks of school summer holidays in Northern Ireland – especially mums who tend to put others’ needs before their own – often find their immune system is less resilient in the autumn and winter because they have enabled toxins, stress and fluid retention to build up by neglecting their own needs. If they then give themselves and their children a settling in period in September it could amount to a three-month break from self-care; that’s a quarter of a year of self-neglect. Good health is a 365-day-a-year priority. Regular monthly treatments are the best way to maintain optimum health.

Clients help me fulfil my purpose to help others and be a messenger. They tell me: ‘I feel healed just being in your presence, just hearing your voice’; ‘I never slept so well until I had your treatment’; ‘I feel like there’s been a huge shift’; and ‘Magic things happen when I’m with you’. Clients describe my treatments as ‘heavenly’, ‘the best’ and ‘wonderful’. Actress Mae West said, ‘Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.’ So, why delay the wonderful?

We can all work together to make each other feel better. Some of the greatest compliments I have received have been expressed to me by other holistic practitioners and intuitives. Best-selling author, angel expert and spiritual teacher Chrissie Astell told me several years ago: ‘You carry angelic energy and have taken the form of a beautiful, inspirational human being.’ When I asked Enniskillen-based reiki master Kate O’Shea about learning master level reiki, she replied: ‘You don’t need to learn anymore, unless you want to teach it to others. It doesn’t matter what therapy you do or how you hold your hands; people will be healed. You are gifted.’ When training with my reflexology teacher Josephine Gallagher, she told me: ‘You are an angel. You’re very gifted. People aren’t ready for you yet, but they will be.’ I’m a firm believer in divine timing! I hope to inspire you to lead a more positive life through sharing my healing ability and knowledge with you to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Contact me to book an appointment on Tel: 07541 219130 or email: regenerationroom@gmail.com. You can also request to be added to my special offers announcements via WhatsApp/email and you are welcome to follow my pages on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/regenerationroom) and Instagram (@regenerationroomholistics).

Relax and regenerate as Alex Levy sits down with Soul Plan reader, holistic therapist, spiritual teacher and channel Esther Robinson to talk about helping people recreate themselves with angelic energy, so you can shine like the star you truly are. Esther also shares openly about how dealing with family trauma helped inspire her to begin writing her memoir and how that began a self-healing journey for her body, mind and soul.


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Divine Gifts for the Heart and Mind

FREE Mindfulness Meditations

Springtime Chorus: Close your eyes and transport yourself to a spring meadow for a tranquil two-minute sojourn, soaking in the soothing sounds of nature. A quick and easy way to feel grounded and connected with Mother Earth while restoring optimism, inner peace and vitality. Ideal for daily use and when you are unable to get outside to connect with nature.

Rose Gold Meditation: A beautiful, heart-healing, 10-minute, guided meditation connecting with the energy of the Goddess of Compassion Quan Yin. She comes to you with a radiant smile, carrying beautiful pink-gold roses and an abundance of tenderness to help heal your heartache, release grief, encourage forgiveness and open your heart to experience deeper love and compassion.

Star of the Sea Meditation: A beautiful 20-minute, guided meditation, inspired and captured during one of Esther’s meditation groups. Visit the shores of the sea on a pristine golden beach to connect with the energies of Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. This meditation is filled with powerful symbols to create feelings of hope and joy, ready to give and receive love willingly.

Please note that these meditations are the copyright of Esther Robinson and are for personal use by the person who downloads them and are not to be distributed to any other individual, group or organisation. 


Reflexology … Create a Life of Balance

I have a Level 5 Diploma with Distinction in Reflexology (the highest level). Suitable for all ages, reflexology is an ancient science that teaches that every gland, organ and part of the body is reflected in the feet and hands and that by working on these areas/reflexes/meridians (energy lines running through the body) homeostasis (a state of balance) is restored to the body and mind.

We begin with a health consultation and friendly chat to discuss your requirements. Since I am deeply intuitive, I am able to “read”, sense or feel your current and past emotions, illnesses or injuries as I work on the reflexes on your feet to understand how they are impacting your physical and mental health in the present. Since the mind and body are interconnected, the stress or trauma from events that happened to you in childhood can be stored in your body and detected in your feet into adulthood, affecting your current health, until they are identified and released through my reflexology. Many of my clients fall asleep during my reflexology as they are so relaxed and safely held, which allows for an even deeper level of healing for you. You will still also sleep really well that night.

My reflexology treatment is completed with a nurturing foot massage using either an essential oil blend or an organic reflexology cream that contains essential oils, which enables your healing to continue through the power of aromatherapy for hours after you leave my treatment room floating on air. At the end of the treatment, I will give you feedback on where I picked up and released blockages so you gain a deeper understanding of what’s going on in your own body, thereby empowering you to take better care of yourself by knowing what has become out of balance and why. With my wealth of knowledge, I can offer helpful suggestions of natural remedies to compliment and enhance your health.

My reflexology is all-encompassing and assists with multiple conditions including: regulating and balancing hormones thereby elevating mood (including the menstrual cycle and menopause), regulating fertility levels pre-conception for women and men, regulating hormones and stress levels throughout pregnancy and birth, regulating thyroid function, a post-exercise reset for your body to regulate cortisol levels, combating depression and anxiety, headaches and migraines, digestive issues, promoting good sleep patterns, boosting the immune system and detoxification (lymphatic zones are included since a well-trained reflexologist will work on all the foot reflexes in a reflexology session since either omitting or over-stimulating any reflex puts a person out of balance, which would defeat the whole purpose of reflexology creating homeostasis in the body).

ADULT REFLEXOLOGY: £40 for 60 minutes plus health consultation and aftercare advice. To maintain optimum health and wellbeing long term, a session every four to six weeks is recommended. For chronic conditions or fertility issues, a course of eight monthly treatments is recommended.

FERTILITY: If you are having reflexology to help with conception, you can choose to receive my energetic womb clearing and blessing.

PAEDIATRIC REFLEXOLOGY: £20 for 20-30 minutes. As a mother, I understand the benefits of reflexology for all the family. Reflexology can help babies with colic and sleep issues, children with autism and ADHD to feel calmer and more focused, as well as help children and teenagers to alleviate anxiety, depression and hormonal mood swings while increasing their ability to concentrate and sleep better. These sessions are shorter than adult sessions since children require less stimulation of the foot reflexes than adults. (Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult unless written consent has been given by a parent/guardian. I completed an Advanced DBS Check, so I am able to treat children in schools, etc.) 

Aromatherapy Massage for Women Including Menopause Support … Relax, Rebalance and Recharge

Following in the ancient tradition of the Myrrophores such as Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and other priestesses who anointed and healed people using the sacred and healing power of plant, tree and flower oils, my Aromatherapy Massage is a deeply healing and rejuvenating experience.

My Aromatherapy Massage routine releases the knots and tension in your back and my soothing massage moves relax your body and calm your mind. Did you know that the heart chakra energy centre goes from the front of your body through to the back, so the tension and pain you have in your back can be related on an emotional level to heartbreak and grief stored in your body? (You may download and listen to my free meditations to help with this.) When you smell or inhale the essential oils, they stimulate the olfactory senses in your brain to trigger the release of natural chemicals in your body that reduce pain and elevate your mood to relieve stress, anxiety and depression while aiding sleep. My clients feel so relaxed and safely held in my presence that they often fall asleep during this, even those who say they suffer from insomnia. It’s so much healthier and far more pleasant for you than taking painkillers, sleeping tablets or antidepressants with their harmful side effects and risk of addiction. The essential oils used in Aromatherapy Massage enable a deeper level of healing than many other types of massage that only use a base oil even when less pressure is used.

Aromatherapy Massage boosts metabolism, lymphatic drainage and blood flow to help your body rid itself of harmful toxins. Increased circulation helps ease aches, pains and inflammation while increasing mobility. This treatment can help with numerous conditions including balancing your hormones (PMT/menopause), clearing headaches and soothing digestive issues, etc. 

Rejuvenating Menopause Therapy: since I have a passion for assisting women during the important life transition from the mother stage to the crone stage through perimenopause and menopause, I am also offering an invaluable experience in which you will receive a Full Body Aromatherapy Massage with my unique essential oil blend to balance hormones and soothe your body and mind. In addition, I will share with you how you can strengthen a particular part of your endocrine system, which is THE key to dealing with hormone fluctuations and boosting energy levels for a smoother transition through this important life stage. I will also provide advice on natural remedies that can assist you. As I have carried out a great deal of womb healing on myself and on others in my Women’s Wellness Circles, you also have the option to receive a womb blessing, which clients report has cleared physical pain and ailments in their womb area.

AROMATHERAPY FULL BODY MASSAGE: £50 for 60-75 minutes massage with a bespoke aromatherapy oil blend plus consultation time and aftercare advice.

AROMATHERAPY BACK, NECK AND SHOULDERS MASSAGE: concentrating on relieving knots, aches and pains in the back, neck and shoulder areas to increase mobility, release toxins and stored emotions and bring relaxation. £30 (30 minutes massage plus health consultation).

AROMATHERAPY FULL BODY MASSAGE WITH ENERGETIC WOMB BLESSING: clients have found great benefit from my energetic womb blessing using the Golden Christ Light – the highest form of healing – to clear womb pain and aid in conception £60.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage … the Gentle Touch that Packs a Punch

Clients continue to be impressed by the myriad positive effects of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). This is a very gentle but powerful type of full body massage (the abdomen is an essential area) that is excellent for detoxifying the body, regenerating the skin and boosting the immune system leading to many health benefits.

An extremely light but ever so relaxing pressure is used, combined with soft pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes. Since the lymphatic system lies just under the surface of the skin, if a firm pressure were to be used, then the muscular system would be worked on instead of the lymphatic system. 

If your lymphatic system is not working optimally (it can be compromised through a sedentary lifestyle) this can result in tiredness, premature ageing, puffiness, swollen joints, cellulite, spotty skin or acne, migraine, high blood pressure, scarring, broken capillaries in the face and feelings of stress.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is great for boosting the immune system, so it is especially beneficial for people with low immunity who regularly experience colds, flu and cold sores, etc. For people suffering from post-viral fatigue from all types of viruses, including “long Covid” or “Post COVID Syndrome (PCS)”, a course of eight MLD massages (one session every every fortnight) has been shown to quickly restore energy and vitality, changing a potentially “long” recovery into a short one. Many of my clients fall asleep during my massage as they are so relaxed and safely held, which allows for an even deeper level of healing.

 Benefits of MLD:

  • Deep relaxation and better sleep.
  • Detoxifying programme: metabolic waste, poisons and trapped water will be removed, thereby boosting the immune system and enabling hormones to function properly. 
  • Post-viral fatigue: since MLD boosts the immune system and detoxification, helps the lung area and encourages natural pain relief it can speed up recovery from viruses including Post Covid Syndrome or “long Covid” (symptoms include breathlessness, fatigue, brain fog, aches and pains and loss of appetite). Regular treatments boost immunity to prevent illness.
  • Eases menopause symptoms: reduces water retention, bloating, mood swings, insomnia, fatigue and free radicals. Improves cellulite, skin tone, circulation and digestion. A 2017 study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science showed that after only one MLD session the stress-related hormones cortisol and DHEA were reduced greatly, with positive mental and physical effects being reported by the menopausal women.
  • Premenstrual tension: relaxation is induced due to the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Fluid retention is reduced due to the increased lymph production and drainage. Skin conditions improve due to the stimulation of the connective tissue and increased drainage.
  • Female singers can better maintain their singing voice since MLD relieves symptoms of swelling or build-up around the face and neck, which can be exacerbated by hormone fluctuations or allergies such as hay fever. Hormone fluctuations during the menstrual cycle affect the speaking/singing voice in one in three women since hormone fluctuations can cause inflammation in the folds of the vocal cords, making singing more of an effort than usual, as well as decreasing vocal range and making the voice husky in some cases.
  • Constipation: symptoms of constipation may be relieved by the MLD massage in the abdominal area stimulating the bowels to move and it increases parasympathetic nerve activity to promote relaxation and normal bowel movements. Constipation can be very painful and affect anyone of any age, including children, but is quite common in menopausal women due to hormonal changes and in the elderly. 
  • Acne: removes waste products and stimulates the connective tissue beneath and reduces inflammation.
  • Scarring: helps scars to heal and reduces the impact of scarring and regenerates tissues (excellent post-operative treatment for recovery).
  • Rosacea: inflammation is reduced and broken capillaries become less obvious.
  • Facial erythema: broken capillaries look less obvious.
  • Skin: elasticity is improved.
  • Congested skin: the removal of waste products is stimulated from the connective tissue beneath.
  • Chronic eczema: inflammation is reduced. Skin healing/tissue regeneration is stimulated.
  • Cellulite: metabolic waste, poisons and trapped water are removed from the skin through stimulation of lymph drainage.
  • Migraine: the relaxation and pleasurable feelings stimulate the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system to relieve and help prevent migraines.
  • Allergies: histamine production could be reduced by the stimulation of the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system. Inflammation/oedema is reduced. May be beneficial to sufferers of hay fever.
  • Swollen ankles: lymph production and drainage is increased, taking excess fluid out of the area. (Having tight muscles can also result in fluid retention in the legs.)
  • Fatigued legs: resting position of the legs during treatment eases fatigue. Lymph production and drainage of lymph is stimulated, draining excess fluid and waste products out of the area. Relaxation and pleasurable feelings in the legs are induced due to the stimulation of the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system.
  • Toothache: may be stimulated or reduced depending on the cause of the problem.
  • Pain relief: can alleviate the pain from fractures, sprains and rheumatism by stimulating the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system.
  • Too much Botox on the crow’s feet can lead to a loss of natural muscular lymphatic drainage, so MLD can help counterbalance this, but Botox users must wait at least two weeks after receiving Botox before they can have MLD.

Full Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (it is essential to include the abdomen): including health consultation and after-care advice: 60 minutes £50.

(N.B. MLD is not suitable during pregnancy or cancer treatment or for people with a fever, acute cellulitis, untreated congestive heart failure or cardiac oedema, renal dysfunction, hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) or acute untreated deep vein thrombosis.)

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) … Healing the World One Heart at a Time

IET is the next-generation energy therapy that uses the violet angelic ray. As an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor, I provide a deeply relaxing, painless and non-invasive treatment that combines the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master-Instructor level healing techniques all in one session to clear stress, anxiety, trauma, grief, anger, resentment, heartache, fear, lack of support, lack of trust, addictions and self-limiting beliefs. It gets the issues out of your tissues for good on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It empowers you to experience fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life. It helps you manifest what is for your highest good in your life. It helps clarify your soul purpose and you begin to notice relationships and circumstances manifesting in your life that will assist you on your soul journey and life lessons. Since I have a natural ability to connect easily with the angelic realm, I often receive messages from your angels and guides during these sessions. Did you know that I also train people in IET (click the link below)?

During the IET® session, you lie fully clothed and relaxed on a massage couch (or sit in a chair if you cannot lie on a couch). I apply gentle therapeutic touch using my hands and fingers on acupressure-like points on your body (crown, forehead, neck, shoulders, throat, chest, liver, gallbladder, hands and feet) to help you release what no longer serves you as you sink into deep relaxation and your self-healing begins. I provide you with feedback on any energetic/emotional blockages I encounter. Many of my clients fall asleep during IET (both in person and at a distance) because they are so relaxed and safely held, which allows for an even deeper level of healing.

IET: using all the techniques combined from the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master-Instructor levels all in one powerful session – 60 minutes in person: £60. Save when you book and pay at one time for three in-person treatments: £150 instead of £180. 


Integrated Energy Therapy® Courses

As an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor, I teach one-day certified training courses in the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of IET®.

Reiki … the Healing Flows Like Liquid Gold

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is Japanese for “universal life force energy”. It is a method of natural healing suitable for people of any age (it’s also great for pets, livestock and traumatised rescued animals – I have healed a lot of injured birds with reiki) that rebalances the energy centres or chakras in your body to facilitate healing on all levels. It is particularly good for physical aches and pains, soothing the emotions and to alleviate stress. 

During the treatment, you lie fully clothed and relaxed on a massage couch. I gently place my hands in a series of non-intrusive positions on or above energy centres on the front or back of your body, bringing about deep relaxation and restoring vitality. Often you will feel strong heat emanating from my hands, like a soothing and comforting hot water bottle as the healing energy flows like liquid gold to where it is needed. Many clients are so relaxed that they fall asleep and experience an even deeper level of healing as they have turned off any mental blocks coming from their “monkey-mind”.

After the healing, I give feedback on any emotional blockages I sensed and released and advice on how you can participate in your own self-healing going forward. I will relay to you any messages that come through from your angels and guides who often surround us with their loving presence during the healing.

I can carry out a session in person or send the healing energetically to someone. Since the healing comes through the highest vibration of love and love is the one thing that transcends all of time and space, then distance can never be a barrier (see my client testimonials on distance healing). Since the body’s energy centres become out of balance from day-to-day stress, long-held negative emotions or ailments it is advised to engage in regular reiki sessions for maintaining optimum health and creating emotional resilience. Many of my clients fall asleep during my reiki as they are so relaxed they can let go of all their worries, which allows for an even deeper level of healing.

PERIMENOPAUSE/MENOPAUSE SUPPORT: Through my personal interest in assisting women through perimenopause and menopause, I have found reiki particularly beneficial in healing the sacral chakra area, which is connected with the womb. Regardless of whether a woman still has her womb or has had a hysterectomy, the energy of the womb remains in the energy body forever (correlate this to when a person has a limb amputated and they still feel the limb there because the energy of that body part still exists even when the physical part has gone) and may require healing. This healing will be particularly relevant if a woman has not experienced very loving or nurturing relationships in their life with their parents or partners (they can also pass on these issues to their own children inadvertently) or if they have pushed aside their own feminine (receptive/loving) energy because they had to lean too much into their masculine (doing/action) energy to get things done in life if they weren’t well supported by other people. I can attune to the energy of the rose (the embodiment of love) in the sacral area during a reiki session and energetically fill and bless your womb with the highest level of healing of the golden Christ light to help to clear this area of trauma and wounding, leading to less menstrual and menopause symptoms and greater self-love. 

REIKI: 60 minutes in person £40.

DISTANCE REIKI: 60 minutes of distance/remote healing to anyone anywhere worldwide £30.

REIKI WITH ENERGETIC WOMB BLESSING: clients have found great benefit from my energetic womb blessing using the Golden Christ Light – the highest form of healing – to clear womb pain and aid in conception £50.

Shamanic Healing/Shamanic Counselling … Journey to Become Your Own Healer and Discover Your Inner Wisdom

As a shamanic practitioner and shamanic counsellor, trained at The Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies by Martin Duffy, I can assist you to heal from trauma, subconscious programming and soul loss.

Shamanic healing – a session of approximately 75-90 minutes begins by discussing what area you’d like to focus on and setting an intention for the healing. Shamanism is closely connected with nature and the Earth, so I open the Four Directions and call in the elements and spirit guides and guardians before we go on a meditative journey together as you lie on the treatment bed and I sit in a chair drumming, the beat of which transitions the mind into a deep, relaxing theta state in order to access parts of your subconscious.

I connect in with my spirit guides and power animals and with yours to identify the areas to work on and then I track, retrieve and restore your lost/fragmented soul parts and complete the healing by blowing these soul parts back into your crown and heart chakras to make you whole again. We will then have a discussion about your experience.

These sessions can include soul retrieval where part of your soul has splintered off during a time of trauma, such as childhood abuse, death of a loved one, a relationship break-up or a near-death experience, etc., and remained in another part of your psyche where it feels safe and it is now ready to be reintegrated to make yourself whole again. Often people might say about a certain stage in their life ‘I was beside myself’ or ‘A part of me went with that person when they left or when they died’ and this feeling is a result of soul loss and where soul retrieval would be beneficial.

I can also carry out an extraction to remove a soul part that does not belong to you. This occurs when another person has put part of their energy into you – whether consciously or unconsciously – leaving you drained and unable to let go of that person even when the relationship between you has ended through some kind of distancing or through a break-up or death.

Or you may have consciously taken on another person’s soul part when you tried to heal or ‘fix’ another person by taking on their emotional pain or wounds as your own, but this has eventually left you drained and experiencing the burden of pain that is not yours to carry and is also hindering the other person healing their own wounds. This can happen at any time, including in childhood when an empathic child takes on the wounds of their parents to try to help them and keep a dysfunctional family together or at any stage in life such as in a narcissist-empath relationship or any relationship where one person tries to help another by taking on others’ wounding as their own.

Shamanic counselling – in this two-hour session, we begin with a discussion of the issues you would like to be healed and I help you to formulate an intention for your journey.  Through this session you learn how to  tap into and become your own source of wisdom. You can choose to connect with your spirit guides and power animals in the upper, middle or lower world. Then you lie relaxed on the treatment couch and listen to a half hour of shamanic drumming through headphones, which puts your brainwaves into a  deeply relaxed theta state as you speak out what you see, hear and feel on your meditative journey. I record your voice as you speak out your journey so that we can both listen back to your journey together in silence afterwards for you to grasp the wisdom you are bringing forth in a more present state of mind as we  identify the salient points. We then discuss your thoughts, feelings, insights and revelations and I offer my insights to you. You will gain clarity, reassurance and ideas to help you move forward in life. I will give you a copy of the recording of your journey so that you can listen back to it again at any time. You may book in for more sessions around the same theme for further healing of a certain issue or you may choose to book further shamanic counselling sessions to focus on other areas. This is one of the most profound methods of insight and healing that I have experienced personally.

SHAMANIC HEALING INCLUDING SOUL RETRIEVAL: 75 to 90 minutes £80. Available in person or via video call.

SHAMANIC COUNSELLING: two hours £85. Available in person or via video call.

Women’s Wellness Circles and Cacao Ceremonies … Discover the Healing in Sisterhood and the Power of the Divine Feminine

I facilitate and co-facilitate women’s wellness circles, cacao ceremonies and guided meditations for groups to help women find sisterhood in a safe container where they can share together, grow together and heal together. I offer my wisdom, insights and guidance in these circles while safely holding space for participants.

I work with the energy of the rose, nature, divine feminine archetypes, sacred sound, guided meditation and energy healing to help women to connect to themselves at a deeper level, rekindle the vital connection between their heart and womb, find empowerment and undertake the ancestral healing and womb healing that is so important at this time for women to step fully into their power to be the heart-based, compassionate, loving leaders they were born to be.

In some gatherings, I have carried out a womb blessing with the energy of the rose (the embodiment of love) combined with the highest level of healing of the golden Christ light to help to clear the reproductive area of trauma and wounding, leading to less menstrual and menopause issues and greater self-love. I have seen positive transformations in people with conception or womb issues after receiving this blessing.

Get in touch if you’d like me to facilitate a group for you. I can also provide a one-to-one experience to introduce you to the physical and emotional benefits of cacao, incorporating a cup of this natural plant elixir along with a beautiful, guided, heart-opening meditation. Investment: various.

Energetic Cord Cutting/House or Land Energy Clearing and Blessing … Release What No Longer Serves You


I work with Archangel Michael to cut energetic cords between you and any person who is syphoning off your energy, whether consciously or unconsciously, which is leaving you feeling drained, or deflated and powerless. This can be related to present or past relationships with partners, family members, friends or work colleagues, etc.

I also clear negative energy from homes, buildings or land. I transmute dark energy back to the light using the violet flame of St Germain. I can provide guidance on how you can maintain good energetic boundaries.

ENERGETIC CORD CUTTING/HOUSE OR LAND ENERGY CLEARING OR BLESSING: duration varies £40. Available in person or by distance healing to anywhere in the world.


Soul Plan, Spiritual Counselling and Soul Blueprint Realignment … Know Thyself

Do you know how beneficial it is to know your soul plan or soul purpose?

A 2022 study published in Preventative Medicine found that living with purpose could make you live longer. The results demonstrated that having a purpose lowers the risk of all causes of mortality regardless of gender, race or ethnicity, but the effects were more pronounced among women. The data showed that individuals with a stronger sense of purpose lowered their risk of death by 15.2% compared with people with the least sense of purpose. Women lowered their risk of mortality by 34%, while men reduced their risk by 20%. (Preventative Medicine, Volume 164, November 2022, 107310, Elsevier, www.ScienceDirect.com) 

Did you know that your birth name holds the key to your soul purpose and destiny?

Soul Plan is a unique, deeply transformational and fascinating process that enables you to discover more about yourself, your life journey and purpose. It is about “seeing who you are and being who you are”. Amazingly, Soul Plan connects the letters in your birth name to the 22 letters of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet. This analysis reveals your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, types of life challenges, talents, goals and how you relate in the world. 

As a Soul Plan practitioner, I am accredited by the Complementary Medical Association. A Soul Plan reading is nothing like a card reading. There are days of preparatory work undertaken by me to create this beautiful offering for you. Initially, I tune into your energy to gain insights. Then I work out the numerical values of the letters of your name to create your star of creation. From this, I compile a lengthy and detailed document for you to keep, which shows how your worldly and spiritual aspects combine to form who you are. I analyse this and then compile a list of areas for discussion. Next, we arrange a time that suits you to meet me either in person or online to discuss your Soul Plan. At the end of the session, we go into a meditative state in which I call in a hologram of your soul blueprint, clear it and return it to Source so that you are more aligned with your life / soul purpose. I may receive insights and messages to share with you during this. I then provide you with your Soul Plan document for you to keep, read over and refer back to in your own time as you gain a deeper understanding of your own unique nature. Self-help methods including Bach Flower Remedy suggestions, suitable types of body movement and healing affirmations are included to empower you in your own self-healing journey.

What’s in a name?

If you are wanting to better understand the life purpose or personality of your child so that you can guide and support them more fully, I can provide you with a Soul Plan document about them. I can also provide a Soul Plan document about a deceased loved one, which may help you to better understand them, why they behaved the way they did and what their life purpose was. This can help you to gain insight, understanding and closure. 

Soul Plan helps people remember who they are and why they are here. The basis of Soul Plan comes from ancient texts such as the Zohar and the Sefer Yetzirah, which explore the creation of reality through sound, letter and word. It also includes a method of gematria channelled by Dr Frank Alper 1930-2007 in his work on the Spiritual Numerology of Moses. In Soul Plan, the interpretations have been modernised and extended by Head of the Holistic Healing College, London, and Hay House author Blue Marsden. 


SOUL PLAN READING (written document only) – to better understand a loved one: £80.

(Gift vouchers available if you would like to gift a Soul Plan Reading to a loved one or friend.)

Angel Card Reading … Find Clarity, Healing and Renewed Purpose

My intuitive angel card readings have assisted people worldwide to find clarity, purpose, healing and fulfilment through loving guidance of the highest vibration. You will benefit from my role as a messenger, communicator, teacher and counsellor combined with my compassion, knowledge and “old soul” wisdom.

I see and feel something different in every card for every individual. My angels and guides direct me to the imagery and symbolism that will have meaning especially for you. I intuitively identify areas related to your soul purpose; pathways to bring you healing, fulfilment, freedom, peace and joy. I can pinpoint issues you are currently facing as part of your life’s challenges and offer you insightful and helpful suggestions to deal with these so you can lead a happier life in the present, which naturally creates a happier future. I empower you to make your own choices in this earthly realm of free will by bringing you back to the wisdom of your own heart and soul. My readings help you to live each day to your full potential while trusting that a higher power/God/Source – whatever that may be to you – is looking after you and will deliver what you need for your highest good in divine timing.

I help you rekindle purpose and emotional abundance in your life by identifying obstacles, energetic blocks and self-limiting beliefs and empowering you to overcome these. (A 2022 study found that living with purpose lowered the risk of mortality in women by 34%, while men reduced their risk by 20%. (Preventative Medicine, Volume 164, November 2022, 107310, Elsevier, www.ScienceDirect.com) . I offer suggestions and self-help methods that will enrich your life and show how you can move forward in a positive way. 

“Esther is incredibly intuitive, empathic and loving. In a reading with Esther she was able to pick up on blocks and pain, but also energies and soul potential and delivers all of the above in such a caring way.” 

– Karie Aszkielowicz, Perth, Western Australia

ANGEL CARD READING: £60 in person or remotely. I am able to tune in to your energy field and angelic team from a distance to anywhere in the world, so you don’t need to be with me in person for a reading. I can send the reading to you via voice clips along with photographs of the cards so you can listen to it at your convenience and play it back as many times as you like.


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