About Esther

Welcome beautiful soul! I am so glad you have been guided here and we have connected. I will be honoured to help you on your journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-healing. It’s my soul purpose to share my natural healing ability – combined with my innate wisdom – to encourage you to make room in your life to regenerate your body, mind and soul.

I am extremely intuitive, empathic, compassionate, sensitive to energies and possess a deep understanding of the body-mind connection to be able to offer you a range of healing modalities and intuitive life guidance sessions  both in person and remotely anywhere in the world  to help gently release your stress, tension, trauma and self-limiting beliefs while providing you with boosted energy levels, renewed purpose and clarity of mind. 

I am an advocate of spending time in nature as it is a form of natural healing whereby we are activated and healed by sunlight and fresh air, energised by moonlight, cleansed and renewed by water, nurtured and grounded by the energy of trees and plant life and supported when walking on Mother Earth. Nature is our greatest teacher and provider. I love animals and I can send healing to your pets and livestock too. I have a particular fondness for dogs and I am deeply grateful to be privy to the language of birds.

I dedicate a lot of time to writing and photography. My other passions include aromatherapy, artwork, reading, meditation, sound healing, music, dancing, movies, theatre, tennis, walking, kayaking, foraging, exploring, travelling and visiting the beach, forests and ancient sacred sites.

Working in the fast-paced publishing industry while raising my family, I experienced stress and burnout (adrenal fatigue) and learned how this affects the immune system, energy levels, fertility, sleep patterns, mood and many other functions in the body. I have learned how to deal with this and share this knowledge with clients, including those who are transitioning through perimenopause and menopause throughout which adrenal gland health is paramount to easing this change from the mother stage to the crone stage of life. I realised that self-care and self-love are a priority for optimum physical and mental health. Your own cup needs to be full in order to give to others in a state of balance.

My older brother, Martin, was born with the ultra-rare genetic WAGR syndrome, which brought our family years of uncertainty, stress, depression, loneliness, anger, trauma and grief, but it’s a waste of your life to wallow in self-pity when you could bask in joy. Witnessing my parents suffer and sacrifice so much for my brother and observing my mum’s total trust in listening to her own intuition when others would not hear her truths inspired me to trust my intuition. As a child living with the effects of my mum’s trauma and depression, I developed compassion and counselling skills and this also inspired me to facilitate women’s wellness circles including womb healing  to help support and empower women in a safe space in healing many things, including guilt, shame and powerlessness so they remember their truth and worth while reconnecting to the divine feminine within them.

I found the courage to delve into the pain of my own physical, emotional and spiritual healing, including inner child work, shadow work, counselling, ancestral healing, womb healing, shamanic healing, navigating the “dark night of the soul” and spiritual awakening/emergency and dealing with people with narcissistic personality disorder, etc. I survived and thrived. I dealt with triggers, broke negative patterns and transformed self-limiting beliefs. All this forged me into a strong, resilient and wise person; an accomplished spiritual warrior and spiritual teacher ready to help you using my skill set and experience. I found my way back to love, back to peace. I became an alchemist who transformed the heavy lead of my pain into bright, light gold for you, i.e. I transformed my painful experiences into wisdom with which to help you through your challenges.

You may look at me and think my life seems great. If so, then you’re quite intuitive too. I am living proof that the past does not have to be your present or enslave you. You have the choice in any and every moment to break free from the binds of trauma and turmoil to live a happy and fulfilling life free from the pain of the past or worry about the future.

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that having a purpose in life makes you live longer? That’s because a purpose is worth living for. It’s important for people to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams. I help people to find or reconnect with their interests and passions because when a person does what lights them up, their life is filled with joy and purpose. That could encompass anything from simply finding peace within and being happy in your own company or unlocking hidden or repressed talents that bring you joy or help others in some way. I encouraged someone to focus on their art and now their work is on display in exhibitions in their capital city and is sold to make a living. I encouraged another person to start upcycling all the furniture they had gathered to sell as a business, one piece at a time to make it manageable with their large family, assisting them to overcome their self-doubt and procrastination and the business is up and running. 

Part of my soul purpose is to help people by sharing my “old soul” wisdom and guidance with them and facilitate their healing journey through my therapies and inspirational writing. My angels and guides encouraged me to write my award-winning children’s picture book A little bit EXTRAORDINARY (www.estherrobinson.co.uk). I manifested this dream of mine partly through the visualisation techniques I use with clients in Integrated Energy Therapy® sessions and through my understanding of each one of us being a co-creator with the universe.

Since my spiritual awakening in 20122013 and remembering my starseed connection with the blue ray energy and Andromeda, I have been able to connect “beyond the veil” to understand that our departed loved ones are close by, watching over us and assisting us throughout our lives to experience miracles – I have witnessed many. I know there is no fear in death as it is simply a transition of the soul from one form of existence to another. My talents and intuitive gifts were activated in me at a deeper level and I can connect easily with the angelic realms, ancestors and spirit guides for insights, guidance and support to assist others on their life journey and through any “spiritual emergency” (a sudden and overwhelming spiritual awakening) that may arise. As I am so attuned to energies, I have the ability to clear negative energy from homes, buildings and land.

As a member of the ancient Sisterhood of the Rose that is emerging and blossoming again at this time (the same sisterhood to which the goddesses Ishtar and Quan Yin, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene belonged) and a carrier of the high vibration healing blue ray of the Divine Mother energy, I created some beautiful guided meditations to open your heart to give and receive a deeper level of love and compassion. Too many people are focused on their head rather than their heart, creating a patriarchal society of imbalance that needs healing. Download these as a FREE GIFT from me to you in the ‘Free Meditations’ section. 

Growing up in London gifted me the opportunity to meet many people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, which has made me open-minded and deeply respectful of people’s privacy and confidentiality. I now live in Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, and feel so grateful to live amid the beautiful lakelands. My clients love the peaceful, high vibration energy I have created in the Regeneration Room, which is in a beautiful countryside location. The room has underfloor heating and an inbuilt air filtration system for your optimum health and comfort.

If you’d like to treat a friend or loved one to my services, I have gift vouchers available to purchase. 

Do you feel inspired to make yourself a priority? To invest in your health and wellbeing? To reap the benefits of a therapy or guidance session with me and its positive ripple effects on those around you? Then don’t hesitate to contact me to help you regenerate your body, mind and soul at Regeneration Room. Give yourself permission right now for the new you to unfurl like a beautiful fern in the forest feeling fresh, free, grounded and ready to grow into your full potential.