Here is some of the feedback received from clients.
Farhana, London (Soul Plan Reading)

 “I booked the Soul Plan Reading back in July 2020 during Esther’s exciting times of creating and launching her new book called ‘A little bit EXTRAORDINARY’. It’s a kids book, which I later bought for my nieces. They loved it and thought the character was adorable and loved the storyline and illustrations.

“So, back to the Soul Plan … when the Soul Plan Reading was ready, Esther informed me over email. We booked a FaceTime call to discuss it.

“Esther went through the Soul Plan step by step, highlighting the key relevant points that need more focus on. She first spoke about chart numbers and explained the meaning of them. Then she slowly went through the guide and explained in detail the personality traits and soul talents, which was nice to know and gave me more clarity on some of my current life challenges.

“I was able to ask her questions whenever I was unsure of something. Overall, it was a good in-depth reading, and you will receive a copy of the document in PDF for you to keep and read later. Depending on where you are on your life path, and if you want to have some more clarity on some life challenges or guidance, then I would recommend it.”

Anne-Marie Roarty, London (Reiki - distance healing)


“I contacted Esther after becoming very anxious, having low mood and feeling a sense of worthlessness. I am currently separated and, along with lockdown, these feelings intensified. I am following her page on Instagram and after seeing a post, I immediately spoke with her about her holistic therapies and distance treatment. It sounds hard to believe that you can receive treatment remotely, but I was keen.
“We discussed Reiki, IET and Card Reading. I chose Reiki as a treatment. We arranged a time of treatment where I could lie down and wouldn’t be disturbed.  I set my phone alarm for an hour and lay down. I fell asleep throughout the session.Esther then gave me her feedback.
“After a good night’s sleep, I woke up feeling like a weight of anxiety and emotions had been lifted. I feel a sense of calm, have a positive mindset and feelings of happiness. I feel more connected with myself and feel like I have made a step towards my future life, rather than backwards or stagnant. I am looking forward to another session of distance Reiki and wholeheartedly recommend Esther.”


Katherine W - England (Angel Card Reading via Skype)

 “This was my first Angel Reading, in fact, my first card reading altogether. I did not know what to expect but felt drawn to it and kept an open mind.

The reading proved very insightful and opened up many new connections for me, and avenues to further explore. It gave me a lot to think about, through new insights as well as bringing into light some aspects of my life I had not been actively aware of – all insights revealed in the session resonated strongly with me.

Esther was very skilled at providing interpretations for each card, which made sense immediately or actually for some, a little while later.

I was very impressed at the relevance and richness of all the insights shared and advice offered.

Esther is undeniably very gifted in this type of communication, and is genuinely caring and empathetic. I have left the session very inspired, as well as with a lot to reflect on and to put into action in equal measure.

Esther was also very practical in her advice, derived from the cards’ interpretation, and provided suggestions to put into practice right away.

If you hesitate to book an Angel Reading session, I would say give it a go, whether or not you have a specific question you want to explore (in my case, I did not, I just wanted to know what needed to be revealed to me in my life in general so we went with that).

I will certainly book again for another reading in the near future.”

Laura Robinson, Co. Fermanagh (Angel Card Reading - remote - and IET)

Remote Angel Card Reading – “I recently had a remote card reading by Esther and it was amazing. I have listened to it over and over and it resonates with me on every level. Esther is fantastic at what she does. I highly recommend her and I look forward to having a distance IET session.”

Laura Robinson experienced huge shifts after her distance IET session during Lockdown and visited for an in-person IET session when lockdown ended – “Had an absolutely amazing IET healing session this morning with this wonderful lady. Came home feeling so relaxed, tranquil and serene. Anyone in the area looking to heal on a body, mind and soul level, please give Esther a call. Such a connected and knowledgeable soul. Love every minute in this lady’s presence.” 


Vishnupryia Aristo, North Carolina, America (IET - distance healing)

 “I did a Distance Integrated Energy Therapy with Esther and it was an amazing experience. During the session, I could feel the energies moving around me and I fell asleep so deeply as never before, and exactly at 1-hour, I woke up and I could still sense the energy cleansing me. Soon after that Esther messaged me with her feedback of the session with the blockages she found in the different parts of my body. I’m a healer myself of different modalities and her feedback aligned with the messages that I received about my blocks from working with other healers as well. So, I was surprised at her intuitive ability to sense the blockages and clear them out even at a distance. I highly recommend Esther, if you’re looking for an intuitive healer who can clear your unseen blockages!”

Sinead D, Canada (Angel Card Reading - remote)

 “Thank you, Esther, for your insightful card reading. Your words resonated with me and helped me to believe in my intuition. The feeling of being overwhelmed has consumed me for quite a while. I knew I needed more time to myself but sometimes you have to give yourself permission to feel that way. The arrival of the card that advised me ‘to retreat and go within’ and the way it jumped out at you, as you say, made me realise that this was the most significant card. When your reading told me this, it was like it gave me permission to believe in what I had been feeling. My mind is at ease a little more now and I am certainly following the guiding spirit or intuition. I know that my future life plan will now involve me reflecting on what is important in my life and in my relationships. I especially loved that one set of cards showed how important my Celtic roots are to me and it’s something I have been feeling for a while so to have those feelings affirmed was heart warming. Thank you again for your kind, guiding words.”





Margaret, Belfast (Soul Plan Reading)

“I recently had my first appointment with Esther for a Soul Plan Reading. I was really intrigued as to what the details of my name and birth date could possibly reveal.

Esther is the loveliest lady. Warm, welcoming and caring. I felt she had great integrity and was genuinely interested in helping me. I had absolute trust in her ability.

The Soul Plan was a lengthy detailed document. Full of accurate information and good advice in order to overcome my life challenges. I look forward to having further sessions with Esther.”




Mairead Faux, Co. Fermanagh (IET in-person treatments)

 “Esther is amazing at what she does. She makes you feel like you are the most important person during her treatments. The help she has given me through IET has been amazing, thank you so much xxx”


Richard Mason, Co. Fermanagh (Reflexology)

“Esther is fabulous with the reflexology, my wife Barbara felt relaxed and revitalised after the treatment, and our 15 year old would concur. Both can’t wait to go back and I’m waiting for my turn.”

Kathleen Krudden, Co. Fermanagh (Angel Card Reading)

“It was lovely meeting you Esther. You are a lovely girl. Thank you so much for your beautiful reading and the extra information you gave.”

Morag Donald, Co. Fermanagh (Soul Plan Reading)

“I had a Soul Plan Reading done recently and found it to be very accurate in terms of my strengths and weaknesses but also very useful with Esther’s guidance on how to work with both to overcome the challenges I am experiencing. I am still working my way through the plan as there is so much contained within it, even down to Bach Flower remedies suggested to help support me. I know I will refer to this plan over and over again as there is so much teaching within it. I had been experiencing a lack of energy and Esther helped me to see that all the unfinished projects I have were fragmenting my energy. I have begun to complete them one by one and have much more energy as a result. Just one of the benefits of this wonderful reading.”

Karie Aszkielowicz, Perth, Western Australia (Angel Card Reading - remote)

“Esther is incredibly intuitive, empathic and loving. In a reading with Esther she was able to pick up on blocks and pain, but also energies and soul potential and delivers all of the above in such a caring way.”

Alicja Gear, New Zealand (Angel Card Reading - remote)

“Esther recently gave me a lovely reading. Despite me being on the other side of the world, she really tapped into my energy. Esther really focused on where my energy blocks were and where I need to focus my efforts in clearing my energy. I love that she used two sets of cards to help support her messages for me. I absolutely recommend a reading with her. She has beautiful energy.”

Roisin Atkinson, England (Angel Card Reading - remote)

“Esther did a beautiful card reading for me and was very accurate with it too. Thank you so much Esther for the beautiful reading xxx.”

Kellie Beacom, Co. Fermanagh (Reflexology)

“I was a bit sceptical about Reflexology but after having a number of treatments, I am a convert!! Esther is amazing and although I can’t understand the science behind it – she was able to detect problems in my body – mostly minor but she was able to highlight to me issues with my kidneys and right enough the doctor agreed!! I probably would have ‘battled on regardless’ if it had not been for her! Best of all it is so relaxing and I get a great night’s sleep afterwards. Highly recommend her treatments!!”


Helen McKeown, Co. Tyrone (IET training classes)

“I completed my IET Basic and Intermediate training with Esther on the 18th and 19th November. It in no way felt like a ‘class’, more like a sharing of love and healing whilst learning. Esther made me feel very at ease and relaxed. There was no clock watching and such patience she has in sharing this amazing experience. Would highly recommend. Xx”


Hayley Woodgate, Co. Fermanagh (IET treatment in-person)

 “I tried the IET for the first time and I thoroughly enjoyed it as I felt extremely relaxed, I could feel a shift in my energy in my body and I felt so positive during the whole process, Esther is a wonderful practitioner whom made me feel right at home. So nice to meet like-minded souls and I look forward to my next session.”


Celia Cunningham, Co. Fermanagh (Reflexology)

 “I have had a few Reflexology treatments with Esther. I had been feeling a little under the weather and I genuinely feel that these treatments boosted my system. Esther was lovely and very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease from the start. I will definitely be going back.”


Claire Napier, Co. Down (IET training classes)

An absolutely amazing weekend completing both my IET Basic and Intermediate levels last weekend with Esther and all I can say is wow! Esther is such a gentle, kindhearted, beautiful soul with a wealth of knowledge on all things spiritual. I was welcomed in to their family home and put completely at ease in order to carry out my training. The aftercare and support I received after the training is out of this world. I can not recommend Esther enough! I can’t wait until after Christmas to go back and complete my advanced level. Esther is a fantastic teacher with a very gentle soul. It has been an unforgettable, happy experience. Thank you Esther.”

Nichola Green, Co. Antrim (IET training classes)

“Did the Basic course in IET with Esther. Really enjoyed the experience. Had a great day. Esther is a lovely, caring, talented person. Made me feel so welcome. I’m now looking forward to doing the Intermediate with her x.”

Simon Stenson, Co. Fermanagh (Angel Card Reading - remote)

“Thank you so much for the reading. It was amazing, You really touched on every subject I asked about in depth. I got so much from it. The amount of things that you spoke of that was so in tune with what’s going on with me now is incredible. Thanks again. Wow!”

Yulia Hamilton, Co. Tyrone (Reflexology)

“I’ve had my first reflexology treatment done by Esther and I loved it, so so relaxing in a calm setting. And most importantly it did help to stop my migraines for a good while, I’m sure with more treatments the effect will be even more long lasting. Thank you Esther!”

Sandra Corazza, Co. Fermanagh (Reflexology)

“Had a reflexology treatment with Esther at start of the week as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and was very sore in this weather and I feel absolutely amazing these past few days. Highly recommend it to anyone!”

Liz, Co. Armagh (Shamanic Healing - Soul Retrieval)

“Lovely experience in lovely surroundings with a lovely therapist, Esther. Would certainly recommend this treatment to anyone who feels a bit fractured and disjointed emotionally. I most definitely feel more contented and “together” since. Many, many thanks. Liz x”

Mark Alexander, Scotland (IET in-person treatment)

“I had a fantastic treatment at the Regeneration Room. A rare and wonderful experience that everyone should try. Awesome in so many ways. Thoroughly recommended.”

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