Meditation Offerings

Springtime Chorus – Mindfulness Moments

Close your eyes and transport yourself to a spring meadow for a tranquil two-minute sojourn, soaking in the soothing sounds of nature. Feel grounded and connected with Mother Earth while restoring your inner peace and vitality. This is especially beneficial for people feeling confined by the winter season, having to stay indoors or city living. If you are feeling stressed, frustrated or angry, then listening to this for two minutes while taking slow and deep breaths and focusing on your heart and solar plexus chakras can help you to re-centre and gain a fresh perspective to handle your circumstances better with more patience and clarity.

To use this mindfulness meditation as part of a deeper ritual practice:

You may like to hold or carry a small citrine crystal in your hand or pocket. This yellow crystal helps to dispel anger and bring joy, positivity and vitality. Yellow is the colour associated with joy and helps to remind us of nourishing, warm sunlight. Yellow crystals help to clear and balance the solar plexus chakra where we can hold the feelings of being emotionally deflated, stressed or low in energy. Wear something yellow to help uplift your spirits. Visualise yellow flowers such as daffodils, primroses, buttercups and sunflowers to fill your mind with this bright colour and feel into the optimism, resilience and new beginnings that they symbolise.

Download for free and listen to this anytime you need your spirits lifted by marvelling at the miraculous sounds of nature springing into life.

Copyright: Esther Robinson

Rose Gold Meditation

A Divine Gift from the Heart of the Goddess to You

I channelled a beautiful heart-healing meditation from the Goddess of Compassion Quan Yin. She came to me with a radiant smile, carrying beautiful pink-gold roses and a heart full of tenderness to help heal my own heart.

I have transcribed into words that mystical encounter to share this healing power with others. Part of my mission as a lightworker is to help to heal the world ‘one heart at a time’ and, just as a rose has many unfolding layers, this is but one petal that will help hearts to bloom into greater love.

Channelled in 2019, I needed to find the right background music to blend together with my words as one. I had many nudges from my angels and guides to complete this project and on Imbolg, 1st February 2021, St Brigid’s Day, my guides told me: “You must finish this. It is so needed now”. This first day of spring, overseen by Brigid – the Goddess of poets and the fire of creativity – was perfect divine timing to finally birth this vision into reality.

My quest for beautiful, relaxing and transformative background music led to my discovery of Nick Truch, whose title as a musician and composer is Aroshanti ( He liked my idea and granted me permission to purchase and use his track ‘Inner Illumination’ from his album ‘Zen Relaxation’, for which I am very grateful. Let my words act as a balm to your heart and mind as Aroshanti’s soothing music helps you unwind.

Nick commented on my completed meditation: “It’s absolutely lovely and very centring. I was left with a really nice floating sense but still felt very grounded. It definitely feels like something that’s needed in today’s situation and struggles.”

To use this meditation as part of a deeper ritual practice:

You may amplify this heart chakra healing by diffusing some rose oil in your space or anointing yourself with some rose oil before listening, reminding yourself that your body is a temple to be honoured and cherished. You might like to light a pink candle, thereby bringing in the combined pink and gold colours into your space. The flame of the candle is a reminder of the light burning bright eternally within your heart. You may hold or place on or near your body a rose quartz crystal since this pink-coloured crystal is the stone of unconditional love, which helps to activate the heart chakra and infuse your aura with the energy of love. Wearing a piece of rose quartz jewellery or carrying a small piece of it in your pocket daily will help to soothe your heart. You could place some pink and yellow roses in your space, which can help you to connect with the healing elements of nature and remind you of your natural state as a being of love. Roses have been regarded as sacred since ancient times, so they serve as a reminder of your sacredness, beauty and multi-layered self. You could wear an item of pink clothing such as a top, shirt, tie, handkerchief, scarf, etc., as a colour therapy self-healing, keeping your focus on the pink ray of love, compassion and the heartspace throughout the day.

Copyright: Esther Robinson


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